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I collaborate with other creative developers specifically to generate many designs prior to production; I take pride in maintaining the most current state-of-the-art equipment and software. Such as Pr News Wire, Google, Yahoo, MSN and others
Print ads
Magazine inserts
, advertorial or testimonial in local or international scale.... 
Web site design
Get all the work done in house effective, mix and match, express your message.... 
Stock art or with own images to create the perfect support of your message.... 
Getting you to the next level, we all need support and mentors to grow......... 
Beauty salon support
Whether they are print or web base I can accommodate small to mid size companies. 
Redesigns also available, new campaign ideas, and brand marketing.......  

"Thank you my business has  

                     profited greatly!

M Pena, LA Vegas, NV

"You are not only productive

you are effective! " said Tom W

Miami, FL.